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About arm contouring in Miami & Coral Gables

Toned, tight, and firm are words to describe the arms of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, and Madonna. Sometimes, exercise only takes us so far, and we still do not have the results we desire.

Have you had significant weight loss or noticed saggy upper arms due to age? You may be interested in an arm contouring procedure.

Arm contouring is also known as an “arm lift”. It is a procedure that transforms your arms from “flab” to “fab.” Plastic surgeons may use liposuction, but it can also be performed without liposuction.

The result is trim, tight upper arms. It gives you a look you desire that cannot be obtained through exercise alone.

Techniques used by the plastic surgeons at Revive are safe with minimal scarring.


arm contouring miami

Who are ideal candidates for an arm lift in Miami/Coral Gables?

Arm lifts are one of the most popular surgeries requested after significant weight loss. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 18,000 arm lift procedures were performed in 2019.

People often have a significant amount of skin sagging after weight loss. Also, some candidates experience sagging simply due to age and genetics. It is incredibly frustrating for some who exercise regularly yet still cannot achieve their desired look.

But through arm contouring, many of these patients finally achieve their goal of toned, beautiful upper arms.

The best candidates include:

  • Those at a healthy, stable weight
  • Significant skin sagging
  • No serious, underlying medical conditions
  • Realistic expectations of procedure results


How can I prepare for my arm contouring procedure?

You will receive pre-op instructions from your plastic surgeon at Revive. It is suggested you quit smoking several weeks before the procedure as it can delay wound healing.

Certain medications can increase bleeding so will need to be discontinued, including:

  • Aspirin
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen, naproxen)
  • Certain vitamins and supplements

A healthy diet full of protein can also help promote healing after the procedure.


What can I expect during the procedure for arm contouring in Miami?

The procedure takes approximately 1-3 hours. The surgeon places you under general anesthesia and makes an incision either in the back or inner part of the arm.

Excess fat is removed, sometimes using liposuction. Underlying tissues are tightened and contoured to give you the shape you desire. The extra skin is removed using techniques that will result in minimum scarring.


Information about recovery and rehabilitation following an arm contouring procedure

You likely notice the results immediately after the procedure. There will be some bruising and swelling that will resolve in the weeks following surgery.

To best manage your pain, you may be prescribed pain medication. Elevating your arm during recovery can also help with the swelling following surgery.

You will likely have a compression garment to wear to help minimize swelling and aid in recovery. Any exercise, especially those that include the arms, will need to be avoided during recovery.

There will be an incision, but your surgeon will ensure it is minimal. Fully healing is usually complete within two weeks.

arm countouring

Are there risks to be aware of with an arm lift

Just as with any surgery, there may be risks. Common concerns include infection, anesthesia risks, swelling, scarring, or a hematoma.

Bear in mind it is unlikely you will have any complications. Your surgeon will discuss any concerns and help you should any complications arise.


More information about Miami Arm Contouring

Dr. Morad Askari is a board-certified plastic surgeon. He is experienced in plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic procedures, including arm contouring.

The staff at Revive is supportive and available to answer questions related to arm lift in the Miami area.

Do not hesitate to contact us for information or schedule a consultation for your arm lift today!

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