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Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and motherhood are life-changing experiences on every level. In addition to the joys and challenges that giving birth and having children brings, the physical transformations that happen during pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can change the look and tone of your body. While a few women seem to get back to their pre-pregnancy physique naturally, for many women, a “Mommy Makeover” offers a great way to restore their before-babies physique.
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Mommy Makeover Miami


A liposuction procedure is an excellent way to remove excess fat cells from certain areas of the body to sculpt and improve body contours. While it is no substitute for diet and exercise, our plastic surgeon can perform liposuction to safely and effectively refine the look of specific areas of the body that are resistant to weight reduction and toning efforts.
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liposuction Miami

Tummy Tuck

In this popular surgery, the excess skin and fat are removed from the underbelly and mid waist. Frequently the procedure is combined with liposuction of the flanks to improve the contour of the mid waist.
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Tummy Tuck Miami, Revive Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift

This technique uses one’s own fat (usually from belly and back) to enlarge the buttock and hips to create a pleasant hourglass shape appearance to the hip and waist.
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Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

Total Body Lift

This procedure is an extended form of tummy tuck where the excess tissue of the back is removed together along with the tissue from underbelly in the front. The procedure is called “belt lipectomy” since removal of fat and skin is circumferential around the waist as a belt would.
Total Body Lift Miami

Thigh Lift

In this surgery, the excess skin and fat of the thighs either on the outside or inside of the thighs are removed to improve the contour of the thighs and create a pleasant appearance and contour.
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Thigh Lift Miami

Arm Lift

This surgery involves removal of excess fat and skin in the arms to create a pleasant contour in that area. The scar is hidden in the inside of the arm where it is less visible.
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Arm Lift Miami

Traditional Butt Lift

This procedure is ideal for an individual does not wish to increase the size of the buttocks but would like improvement in the shape. With age or weight-loss, tissue in the hips and buttocks will experience droopiness.
Butt lift Miami

High Definition Liposuction

HD liposuction or “etching” lipo is a new and exciting modification of traditional liposuction technique. In HD lipo, based on an understanding of muscular anatomy of the body, particularly chest and abdomen, liposuction will be performed in various levels to create profound definition following the pattern of the deep muscles in that area.
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