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Breast Reconstruction

What should I know about getting breast reconstruction in Miami?

One of the many questions a woman with breast cancer may consider either before or after a mastectomy (and in some cases a lumpectomy) is whether or not they wish to have a breast reconstruction procedure.

We maintain a position at the forefront of advances in both plastic surgery and breast cancer care to help patients restore their silhouette and body contours following a mastectomy. In addition to rebuilding the size and shape of breasts in women who have been diagnosed with cancer and have undergone a mastectomy, or having a preventive mastectomy due to genetic risk factors, we also reconstruct breasts with developmental defects or that exhibit deformity as a result of trauma or previous procedures.

For women having a mastectomy, breast reconstructions procedures vary case-by-case. When breast reconstruction is performed the same day as a mastectomy, it is referred to as an "immediate reconstruction" procedure. With an immediate approach to care, the breast reconstruction procedure is coordinated with and follows the surgical team performing the mastectomy. Alternatively, as decided by the patient, or determined by the requirements of the case, breast reconstruction can also be performed at a later date in time. When provided months or even years later, the procedure is referred to as "delayed reconstruction."

breast reconstruction miami

To rebuild and recreate natural-looking, symmetrical, and attractive breasts, either an implant or the body's own tissue, which is referred to as autologous or "flap" reconstruction, may be used. Some procedures involve a combination of techniques, and a flap reconstruction may also include the placement of an implant. Our primary goals are recreating a breast and nipple that restores prior  body proportion, allows clothes to fit better, and boosts the self-confidence of women who have either lost one or both breasts to a mastectomy. Every consideration is factored into choosing a surgical method and approach to care that suits the patient's body type, and any expressed aesthetic preferences.

The choice is a personal one, and the timing varies case-by-case. As your trusted partner in care, our plastic surgeon will answer all your questions as well as address all your concerns regarding your best options for breast reconstruction.

Ready to speak with a doctor about a breast reconstruction in Miami?

Our team is ready to discuss your reconstructive procedure. We are located in Coral Gables and work with patients throughout the Miami area. We will discuss the risks and benefits of your breast reconstruction.

At Revive, our plastic surgery institute in Miami, we also offer:

Whatever your plastic surgery needs or questions, Revive Plastic Surgery in Miami is ready to help you.

If you would like more information about breast reconstruction in Coral Gables or the Miami area, do not hesitate to contact us or schedule an appointment!

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