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What is corrective surgery?

Corrective or revision breast surgery is a procedure that corrects or improves the breast's shape, form, and size after prior breast surgery. 

A woman who has had prior cosmetic breast surgery (lift, augmentation, etc.) may experience changes to the shape of the breast or experience problems with the implant over time. Many of these changes may be unavoidable, while others may be due to technical mishaps at the initial surgery years prior. This can result in deformities that can be corrected through corrective surgery.

Some of the most common reasons why individuals undergo corrective or breast revision surgeries include:

  • Complications that arise after breast implants or breast reconstruction procedures.
  • Patients with cosmetic concerns or are unhappy with their previous breast surgery (e.g., poor implant placement).
  • Unfavorable breast changes after weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, or age-related cosmetic concerns.
  • Changes in the shape or position of an implant due to capsular contracture.

Our board-certified plastic surgeon in Coral Gables will give you a thorough examination to identify your problem. Then, an individualized treatment plan will be created based on your specific desired improvements.

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How is breast revision or corrective surgery performed?

The main goal of a breast revision procedure is to fix cosmetic concerns or specific problems that occurred after the patient’s previous breast surgery. As such, the particular process involved in corrective surgery varies depending on your reason for doing the operation. 

There are several types of corrective surgeries a surgeon may perform depending on the patient’s primary concern. This includes the following:

  • Problems and complications with breast implants

Concerns with the current implants on the breasts, such as a ruptured implant, displacement, extrusion, and dynamic distortion. The surgeon can perform corrective surgery in Miami by replacing, repairing, or removing the implants. 

  • Fat transfer 

Fat transfer is for patients with breast contour defects or volume asymmetry. A plastic surgeon uses liposuction techniques to extract fat from the patient’s own body, then transfers it to the breasts to correct contour problems.

  • Re-doing mastopexy 

Weight changes, pregnancy, and aging can cause shape and volume defects in your previous breast lift surgery. To fix this, most patients undergo corrective surgery that includes reshaping the breast and repositioning the nipples.

Before undergoing a corrective surgical operation, your plastic surgeon will discuss the whole correction plan with you. They will explain the surgical techniques and corrective measures they plan on doing to address your problem and achieve your desired results.

Frequently asked questions about breast revision surgery in Miami

What is breast revision surgery?

Revision surgery of the breasts refers to a surgical procedure that aims to enhance the chest’s appearance and correct problems caused by previous surgeries. It involves different surgical techniques depending on the patient’s main concern and desired cosmetic results.

Plastic surgeons can also perform breast revisions on patients showing complications from their previous breast operation.

Is breast revision less painful?

You won’t feel a thing during your breast revision surgery since your doctor will administer general anesthesia or a sedative. This will help you relax and feel no discomfort during the whole procedure.

What to expect right after the surgery?

Corrective surgery in Miami can take at least 30 to 150 minutes. Then after a few hours in the recovery area, your doctor can discharge you to continue your healing at home. 

Right after the procedure, results can be seen right away. However, it’s normal to see bruising, swelling and experience mild pain after the surgery. 

In some cases, doctors will need to place a draining tube inside the breasts temporarily to prevent fluid accumulation. You may also be advised to wear a supportive garment for a few days.

How long does it take to recover from a breast revision surgery in Miami?

Generally, patients can go back to their normal routine two to three weeks after the surgery. 

Most patients experience a less painful and shorter recovery period after a breast revision than their initial surgery. However, it will still depend on the specifics and type of corrective surgery performed on you.

You should also lay off strenuous activities, like heavy lifting and sports, for at least three weeks after the procedure. 

Are breast revisions common?

Revision surgeries are relatively common for women, especially when problems arise from their previous breast reconstruction.

Restore your confidence and self-image through our breast revision surgery in Miami

If you are considering breast revision surgery, then it’s important to find a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon to do the job.

Our team at Revive  Surgical Institute is specially trained to provide the best cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. We are ready to bring quality and innovative solutions to correct your cosmetic problems and achieve your desired results. Some of the other services we offer include:

Contact us now to schedule an appointment and get an exact quote for the procedure you need.

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