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What are facial implants?

Face implants are formed solid implants commonly made of silicone or PTFE and are primarily used to enhance the appearance of the chin, cheek bones, and jaw line. Similar to other implants used in the body, facial implants are non-reactive, permanent, and safe when used properly. The surgery is usually done through small incisions inside of the mouth with no to minimal visible scars.
facial implants Miami

Facial implant surgery is performed to augment any part of the face, but it is commonly implanted in the jaw, cheeks, and chin. Most cosmetic facilities use a standard 4 mm medical silicone to achieve a more natural look. Patients may also choose other sizes or opt for a custom-made one to attain their desired aesthetic results.

Generally, men and women consider this type of cosmetic procedure if:

  • You want to improve the contour and bring definition to your jaw and chin.
  • You want to make your cheeks fuller, higher, or larger.
  • You want to enhance the specific facial features that have been deformed by aging.
  • You want to correct a facial deformity caused by a congenital illness or major accident.

The primary goal of a facial implant procedure is to bring symmetry to the facial contours and augment the features and overall appearance. Plastic surgeons may also perform it to restore or reconstruct the face after a major trauma resulting in scarring and disfigurement.

What happens during facial implant surgery?

Like any other procedure, a facial implant surgery will start by administering either general and local anesthesia or a sedative. Your surgeon will discuss the best and safest option for your utmost comfort. 

Here’s what you can expect during your cheek, jaw, or chin implant procedure:

Cheek implant

Your surgeon will create a small incision either on the inside of the mouth, through the lower eyelid, or within the hairline. The location usually depends on the area of the cheek you want to enhance. 

Next, a pocket will be made in the facial tissue where the implants will be placed. Once positioned, your surgeon will stitch the incision closed and put a bandage or tape. The whole procedure only lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes.

Jaw implant

For jaw implants, an incision will be made inside the mouth, either at the lower lip or at the crease where the gums and inside of the cheeks meet. Your surgeon will create a pocket in the facial tissue to hold the implants in place. The incision will be closed using absorbable stitches; if not, then the sutures may be removed after one or two weeks.

Chin implant

Typically, chin implants are placed through the mouth using incisions inside the lower lip or underside of the chin. You may opt to use silicone as your implant or tissue from your own body. However, the latter option would include additional surgical procedures than the former.

Frequently asked questions about facial implants in Miami 

How long do face implants last?

Face implants may be sutured into the facial tissue or fixed with metal screws, so they should last a lifetime.

Are facial implants safe?

Yes, implants are made out of the patient’s own tissue or medical-grade silicone that is compatible with human tissue to reduce the risk of rejection. A facial implant procedure only comes with the risk associated with general surgery, such as:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Fluid build-up
  • Hematoma

Other complications may also arise, such as asymmetry of the implant, bad scarring, poor incision healing, or implant displacement. So, it’s vital to choose a trusted local plastic surgeon who specializes in face implants in Miami.

What do facial implants do?

Facial implants enhance the specific parts of the face to give it a more desirable contour, volume, or projection. It is meant to restore your youthful glow, improve your overall appearance and help boost your confidence and self-worth.

What areas are common for facial implants?

Face implants may be inserted in several areas of the face to enhance its features. But the most common location is in the cheeks, chin, and jaw.

Where to find a board-certified plastic surgeon in South Florida?

Deciding to get facial implants in Miami is a personal decision that requires time and careful planning. It also involves trust and comfort between the patient and their chosen plastic surgeon. That could only happen if you choose an experienced surgeon with the proper training and certification to back it up.

At Revive, our board-certified cosmetic surgeons specialize in facial reconstruction and implant insertion. We meticulously plan and handle each individualized procedure to suit the needs and desires of our patients. Some of the other cosmetic surgeries we provide include:

And much more!

If you’re considering facial reconstruction and other types of plastic surgery, then you’re on the right page! Contact us now so we can talk about your cosmetic goals.

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