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Liposuction, also known as "lipo", is a surgical procedure used to remove unwanted fat from areas of the body through minimal incisions. Liposuction can target one of the multiple areas of the body and face at the same time like the abdomen or arms. It can remove the stubborn fat that diet and exercise cannot, and therefore can sculpt the patient's body. This body contouring procedure is performed by our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and liposuction expert, Dr. Askari.

liposuction in miami

What is Liposuction? What to expect from Liposuction in Miami!

Liposuction is always performed undwer general anesthesia in order to ensure the treatment is comfortable and pain-free. Dr. Askari uses ultrasound power-assisted liposuction and tumescent liposuction. Combined, these two liposuction techniques reduce bleeding, swelling, and bruising by numbing the liposuciton area and breaking down the fat, thus allowing fat removal to be quicked and giving the patient better results than traditional liposuciton. Lipo consists of making a minor incision, and using a surgical vacuum or "syringe" called a cannula, the excess fat lying in between the skin and muscle layers is suctioned out. With a lipo procedure, we can remove stubborn fat to sculpt and create a thinner-looking body physique or sharpen and define the lower part of the face. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure, the overall goal is to remove fat to sculpt and shape the body.

best liposuction surgeon in miami

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Which areas of the body can you perform liposuction on?

liposuction in miami

Liposuction shapes and sculpts the body by removing undesirable fat from different body areas. Liposuction can be performed on part of the body or multiple parts at the same time, like Lipo 360. A consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon will help determine how many areas can be combined. Here are the most common body areas where liposuction in Miami is performed:

Abdomen aka stomach


Flanks, Sides & Waist


Love Handles

Chin & Neck (double chin)


What is Recovery Like after a Liposuction Surgery

Recovery after liposuction in Miami may vary from patient to patient based on the number of areas lipo is performed on, the amount of fat removed, the patient's pain tolerance, and their overall health and diet. But what you usually can expect during the recovery period from liposuction is swelling and bruising, usage of pain medication, several weeks of downtime such as no exercise for 6 weeks, and 1 to 2 weeks before being able to return to work. A compression garment aka FAJA has to be worn for a few weeks after your liposuction surgery to reduce swelling and allow your body to heal to give you great liposuction results. The compression garment comes complimentary with your liposuction procedure.

Recovery Tips

Recovering from your Liposuction in Miami means you need to follow some important steps such as wearing your FAJA 24/7, getting lymphatic massages, and more.

Out-Of-Town Patient

If you are planning on traveling for liposuction to Miami, here are some tips & complimentary services that we offer such as hotels, transportation, and more.
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How much does liposuction cost in Miami?

The average cost of liposuction in Miami varies between $850 to $6,000 per area. The liposuction cost varies based on the surgeon's skill set, education, certifications, surgical techniques, and the number of lipo areas performed at the same time. At Revive Surgical Institute, we are transparent with our pricing and give you the opportunity to check our prices online via our Instant Quote Generator. This tool will give you an idea of the cost of our liposuction procedures, but if you would like to combine multiple areas of lipo, talking to our qualified staff will allow you to get a more accurate idea of the cost.
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Are you a candidate for liposuction in Miami?

If you are interested in a liposuction procedure, just by booking a FREE consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Askari, we will be able to discuss your goals & expectations and help us to evaluate if you are a candidate for liposuction in Miami. But here a the most common requirements:
The patient needs to be over 18 years old
Not a smoker
Be in general good health
Have realistic expectations
People with some medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and immune system disorder may be refused for liposuction procedures
If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding a liposuction procedure is recommended

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Most Asked Questions About Liposuction Surgery in Miami

If I have loose skin will liposuction treat the skin laxity?
If you already have skin elasticity a liposuction procedure might not solve the problem, and may potentially aggravate the issue. During a liposuction procedure, fat deposits are removed leaving extra space. During the healing, the skin will start to contracting giving the patient a smooth appearance. If you suffer from skin laxity before the lipo procedure, it will be very hard for your skin to contract. It can potentially give the patient uneven results. Skin laxity can be addressed by skin tightening procedures such as a tummy tuck.
What happens if I gain weight after liposuction?
As you may know, liposuction removes fat cells permanently so if you gain weight after your lipo procedure the excess fat will go to body areas where you haven’t had liposuction such as in the calves. But if you gain an excessive amount of weight it is possible that you will regain it in the liposuction area. Furthermore, every 7 to 8 years, your body regenerates fat cells so it is actually possible to regain weight in the original liposuction area. Maintaining a stable weight will guarantee long-lasting liposuction results.
What is the ideal weight for liposuction?
The ideal weight for a liposuction procedure is a stable weight, meaning you are able to maintain the same weight for a few months. Having a BMI under 28 makes you an ideal lipo patient, but if your BMI is over 28, it does NOT disqualify you from getting liposuction.
The ideal weight for a liposuction procedure is a stable weight, meaning you are able to maintain the same weight for a few months. Having a BMI under 28 makes you an ideal lipo patient, but if your BMI is over 28, it does NOT disqualify you from getting liposuction.
What is the ideal weight for liposuction?
How much fat can be removed during assisted liposuction surgery?
During an assisted liposuction procedure, a maximum of 5 liters of excess fat can be removed, which is the equivalent of 10 pounds. But on average, 2 to 3 liters of fat deposits are removed. The amount of fat removal is also based on the liposuction area, that is, the amount of fat removed from the chin, in comparison to the stomach will differ greatly.
What are the risks of liposuction?
Liposuction like any other cosmetic surgery has risks. Liposuction risks related to healing are fluid collection, infection, redness around the scar, and numbness in the treated area. There is also a risk in relation to the results such as contour irregularities, lumps & bumps (skin appears bumpy, or wavy), and skin laxity.
Is CoolSculpting as effective as lipo?
CoolSculpting is a popular non-surgical procedure that freezes fat cells and removes potentially 25% of body fat in one treatment. Unfortunately, CoolScupting has more downsides than upsides and creates a lot of scar tissue leaving a high level of unevenness. What’s more, if you have it and are unhappy about the results, the corrective surgery (liposuction) is complex and unpredictable. You can also develop PAH (Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia) like Linda Evangelista, a famous top model that was disfigured by CoolSculpting, where instead of breaking the fat deposits it thickens and expands it.
Can lipo be combined with other cosmetic surgery?
Liposuction can be performed on its own, or it can be used in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures such as tummy tucks, facelifts, or breast reduction. When a patient wants a combination, then a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary so that they can decide if liposuction can be combined with any other surgical procedures.
Is liposuction in Miami a common plastic surgery?
Lipo is the most common plastic surgery procedure administered in the United States, Liposuction is performed on hundreds of thousands of patients each year. By safely drawing fat out of your "problem areas," our experienced plastic surgeon in Miami can artfully re-contour fatty parts of the body with quick precision.
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If you are considering having liposuction so you can get a more defined physical contour for those hard-to-lose areas of excess weight, you should choose the Revive Surgical Institute. As a skilled provider of care, our plastic surgeon can perform liposuction to safely and effectively refine the look of specific areas of the body that are resistant to weight reduction and toning efforts. As your trusted partner in care, we value your input with every procedure so you can achieve the results you desire.
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