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In modern times, men are much more likely to choose cosmetic procedures and surgeries to lessen the signs of aging. Plastic surgery for men helps create a more youthful appearance. In contrast to women seeking a plastic surgeon, men tend to want defined and sharper contours. This requires a plastic surgeon who understands those goals and the work associated with them.

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What Are the Different Types of Plastic Surgery for Males in Miami?


Also called male breast reduction, this surgery is used to remove excess tissue from the area of the chest. Learn more about this procedure.

High-Def Liposuction: 6-pack

This procedure removes superficial and deep layers of fat to show off the abdominal muscles underneath. The procedure includes excess fat removal via liposuction. By removing the in specific spaces, the abdominal muscle will be highlighted creating a 6-pack or 8-pack based on the patient’s anatomy. Learn more about this procedure.

Pectoral Implants or Fat Transfer
Pectoral implants are used to enhance the pectoral muscles to make them more defined and larger. Implants or fat can be used to improve the area.
Brazilian Butt Lift
This surgery involves a fat transfer to change the shape and size of the buttocks without using implants.
Fat Transfer to Biceps
This type of fat transfer moves fat from another area of the body to the biceps to make them larger and more defined.
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Fillers for the Jawline & Chin
This cosmetic procedure provides the jaw and chin with a more defined look by injecting dermal fillers under the skin.
Tummy Tuck
This involves the removal of extra fat and skin in the abdomen to create a firmer and smoother aesthetic.
Arm High-Def Liposuction
This procedure consists in contouring the arms and highlighting the muscles via liposuction techniques. The main goal is to sculpt and contour your biceps, triceps, deltoids, and other upper muscles in the arms. 
Calf Implants
The implants enhance the shape and appearance of your lower legs. The goal is to make your legs shapelier, and more muscular. 

Can I Combine Multiple Male Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Yes, several surgeries can be done at the same time. However, there will be limits on which and how many procedures can be combined to give you the appearance you desire. The type of surgery, recovery, surgical time, patient's health, and other factors are important to consider.

It's best to speak with our board-certified plastic surgeon in Miami to determine whether the surgeries you want can be combined safely to give you the results you are hoping for. In most cases, procedures will not be combined if the surgery takes longer than six hours.
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What Is the Recovery Like After Male Plastic Surgery?

It depends largely on the procedure a patient has done. Everyone will need a day or two after surgery to relax and recover. For less extensive procedures, many can return to their office job in three to five days. However, more invasive procedures, such as high-definition liposuction or tummy tuck, may require a patient to take two to three weeks off work.

Procedures to improve the features of the face, or help with the lines and wrinkles, allow you to return to work quickly. However, there may be swelling and bruising during the first couple of weeks.

Most procedures allow you to shower a few days into recovery. With male facial procedures, shaving should be avoided for at least a week. An electric razor is recommended at this time to avoid injury.

After gynecomastia procedures, the chest will be sore, and avoiding strain on the pectorals is important. Shaving is often fine a few days after the procedures but be sure to ask Dr. Askari for specifics.

Most males have greater confidence after surgical procedures, which may lead to the desire to engage in sexual activities. Since this can elevate blood pressure and heart rate, physical contact can be a hazard to the face or body. Clearance will be needed to have intercourse.

What Is the Cost of Male Plastic Surgery in Miami?

Prices for male plastic surgery in Miami will vary based on the different procedures performed and the experience of your surgeon. For instance, liposuction for excess fat can cost between $850 to $15,000, depending on the area(s) of the body. For gynecomastia in Miami, the typical price range is between $4,000 and $10,000. Other procedures, such as neck lifts, skin removal, or a facial will also have a range of prices associated with them.

At Revive Surgical Institute, we offer 24/7 online instant quotes to give you an idea of the cost of the surgery. When combining multiple surgeries, it is always better to contact the office directly by text, phone or email.
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Who Makes a Good Candidate for Male Plastic Surgery in Miami?

Dr. Askari prioritizes safety and knows no outcome is worth health problems. Potential patients should be in good health before plastic surgery. This doesn't mean perfect health, but patients should have:
do not smoke
You do not smoke
stable weight
Normal blood pressure & stable weight
general good health
Safe cholesterol levels
realistic expectations
You have realistic expectations
committed to stable weight
A BMI of under 30 in most cases
Your anatomy will also be considered when getting Botox or other male cosmetic surgery procedures. During your consultation with Dr. Askari, together, you will be able to determine which surgeries are right for you.

The last thing determining whether someone is an ideal candidate for male plastic surgery is the patient's goals. People with realistic goals are the most likely to be happy with their results.

Why Choose Dr. Askari for Men's Procedures?

Dr. Morad Askari is a Miami board-certified plastic surgeon. He boasts more than a decade of experience and has performed countless procedures on men. Dr. Askari treats all patients with respect, compassion, and a high level of care.

He trained at the University of Southern California, has worked with surgeons known around the globe in Beverly Hills, completed one of his fellowships at the Mayo Clinic, and worked as an associate professor.

Patient safety is always at the forefront of Dr. Askari's mind. His skills, education, training, and years of experience ensure we can offer patients exceptional results that meet their expectations and goals while ensuring total safety at all times.

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Frequently Asked Questions About After
Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

If you're looking into board-certified plastic surgeons, you likely have a few questions. Below are answers to common questions men who wish to pursue cosmetic procedures may want to be answered.
What are the benefits of men's cosmetic procedures?

Many men note the top benefit of non-surgical and surgical procedures for men is the ability to feel happier and confident. Men may feel more comfortable as they age after these procedures. Physical benefits are also possible through surgery, Botox, and similar procedures.

How long does it take to heal from male plastic surgery?

This question is hard to answer without knowing the procedures for men you had performed. On average, it takes about two weeks for the initial swelling to go down. However, full healing of facial areas or the body could take as long as six months to a full year.

When can you exercise or work out after male plastic surgery?
After surgery, patients must keep their blood pressure and heart rate moderated for a few weeks to prevent bleeding from incisions. Running and cycling may be okay to take back up to three or four weeks after some surgeries, but for others, you may need to wait up to eight weeks.
When can I go back to work after my male plastic surgery?
The recovery time after cosmetic surgery for men will vary based on the specific surgical procedure. In most cases, you will need to take from three days to more than two weeks off work. Ask your board-certified surgeon for specifics based on the procedure.
How long do the results of male plastic surgery last?

When using a board-certified plastic surgeon, men can improve their appearance and expect the results to last. Depending on the specific procedure for men, results can last anywhere from a few years to more than a decade. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising is important to maintaining your results.

Is male plastic surgery common?
Cosmetic procedures are widespread for people of all genders, including men. Based on data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), over 800,000 minimally invasive procedures for men were done. This is on top of plastic surgery procedures; more than 289,000 of these are done in the same year.

Can plastic surgery give men a six-pack?
Men who wish to sport six-pack abs have options with surgical procedures for men. High-definition liposuction surgery can help men get the athletic abdominal shape that they may be hoping for.

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