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Neck Lift Miami

What is a neck lift?

neck lift Miami

What is a neck lift?

With aging, almost everyone experiences loosening of the skin and muscles below the chin and fat accumulation in this area. These changes result in the loss of the youthful sharp angle between the jaw/chin and the neck. Fortunately, modern technology has found an answer for these cosmetic problems, and that is through neck lift surgery.

A neck lift or lower rhytidectomy refers to a set of procedures used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the neck. Its goal is to tighten the muscles and skin below the chin and in the neck while removing excess fat from this area to create an excellent definition between the chin and the neck. 

Depending on the degree of correction needed, one may only require non-surgical treatments (e.g., Kybella) or less invasive surgical procedures such as liposuction. For more severe cases, a neck lift with the use of small incisions under the chin is necessary. Frequently, a neck lift is combined with a facelift to correct changes in the mid-face in addition to the neck.

Who is an ideal candidate for neck lift surgery?

The best candidate for a neck lift is healthy individuals without any underlying medical conditions or unhealthy habits (e.g., smoking). The patient should also have positive and realistic expectations of what a neck lift in Miami can and cannot do. 

Generally, patients who undergo a neck lift procedure usually have the following cosmetic neck problems:

  • Excess fat and skin that often results in neck jowls.
  • Turkey wattle neck - sagging and wrinkled skin on the neck due to aging.
  • Vertical or platysmal bands - irregular neck contours due to muscle banding
  • Double chin
  • Poorly-defined jawline

Your plastic surgeon will give you a full medical evaluation to see if you’re a good fit for neck lift surgery in Miami. After that, they will create and discuss their proposed treatment plan that fits your cosmetic needs and goals.

How is neck lift surgery performed?

A neck lift surgery involves a set of procedures that may be combined with one another to achieve the patient’s desired aesthetic goals. This includes the following:

Non-surgical treatment

Non-surgical neck lift procedures exist for people who want a treatment option with fewer risks and quicker recovery time. However, these non-invasive methods may be performed in sessions to achieve the desired cosmetic results.

  • Botox - this involves injecting botox onto the neck muscles, lower jawline, wrinkles, and horizontal lines in the neck. This allows the muscles to relax, thus preventing them from pulling the skin down. 
  • Kybella - is an FDA-approved prescription medicine used as an injectable to destroy the fat cells beneath the chin and neck area. This helps remove your double chin and improve the overall appearance of the neck.
  • Derma fillers - are another form of injectables that help fill in the lines of the neck, allowing the area to become smoother and slender. Some fillers stimulate collagen production, thus reducing neck wrinkles, creases, and baggy appearance.
  • Fractional laser treatment - this non-surgical treatment helps tighten neck wrinkles and improve the skin texture using carbon dioxide ablation. This treatment also helps reduce sun spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentations, and surgical scars.

Surgical treatment 

A surgical neck lift in Miami starts with anesthesia administration, which may be general anesthetic or intravenous sedation. 

Next, your surgeon will create an incision near the sideburn that continues around the ear. Sometimes, an additional incision is made under the chin if your procedure includes muscle alteration and liposuction. The specific procedures that your plastic surgeon may perform include:

  • Cervicoplasty - this neck lift procedure involves removing excess fat and skin in the neck and chin area.
  • Platysmaplasty - is a neck lift procedure that aims to tighten the muscle to give the neck and jawline a more desirable contour. This technique specifically alters the platysma muscles, which line the front of the neck.
  • Liposuction - this refers to the removal of excess fat in the chin and neck. This is usually done in conjunction with either cervicoplasty or platysmaplasty.

After the procedure, your surgeon will suture and place skin adhesives or glue to close the incision line. The resulting scar won’t present any cosmetic problems since it’s usually hidden in the hairline and the ear's contours.

The whole procedure may take at least one to three hours, depending on the procedures performed.

Frequently asked questions about neck lift surgery in Miami

What to expect after a neck lift procedure?

Right after your neck lift surgery in Miami, it’s normal to experience swelling, bruising, numbness, and tightness in the area for several days. Your doctor may prescribe medications to reduce pain, swelling, and other side effects.

Additionally, your doctor will advise you to rest for a few days, which means little to no house activities. If you have a thin draining tube attached, your doctor will instruct you on how to care for the drain and surgical site. 

You may also experience difficulties in eating and swallowing, so make sure to stick with soft foods during your recovery.

How long does recovery take?

Swelling and bruising will start to resolve after the first two weeks. However, you should still take it easy and avoid stressful and strenuous activities.

In the third week, you can resume most of your normal activities. You’ll also be able to see the aesthetically-pleasing results of the neck lift by this time. Full recovery may take at least two to three months. 

How to prepare for my neck lift surgery?

Here are some preparations you may need to do to ensure a safe, successful, and hassle-free neck lift surgery:

  • Disclose your current condition, medications, and drug allergies to your doctor. 
  • Follow your doctor’s orders regarding smoking. Ideally, the patient should quit smoking four weeks (or more) before surgery and four weeks after the procedure.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet a week before the surgery.
  • Take at least a week off of work. You should also arrange for someone to accompany you during the surgery and drive you home after.
  • Arrange for someone to help you at home while you recover for at least a week or two.

Where to find the best plastic surgeon in Miami?

Get a quality and long-lasting neck lift surgery by choosing the best facility, like Revive. Our leading plastic surgeons also specialize in other cosmetic surgeries, such as:

You can get an in-depth discussion regarding the whole procedure by contacting us at (305) 600-5041.

The material contained on this site is for informational purposes only and DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MEDICAL ADVICE, and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional medical judgment, advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your health.

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