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Non-Surgical Procedures


Chemical Peels

Peels are acidic solutions that are applied commonly to the face (or other desired parts of the body such as neck or chest) that results in “peeling” or exfoliation of the outer layer of skin stimulating growth of new healthy and more enhanced skin.
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Part of facial aging has to do with formation of wrinkles and lines on the face primarily in the forehead and around the eyes. These wrinkles form due to motion of facial of muscles that have attachments to facial skin and thus create folding or wrinkling of skin with time.

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Injectable Fillers

Filler are used in plastic surgery to smooth wrinkles, soften creases, or restore volume such as in plumping the lip and enhancing youthful appearance of the face.
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Kybella (Deoxycholic acid)

This injection is a non-surgical way of reducing fat and fullness under the chin. The ideal candidate is an adult with moderate amount of fat in this area.

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Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is prepared by drawing a sample of blood from one’s arm, spinning it in special machine to concentrate it in a defined fashion. This solution can be injected into the face or desired part of the body.

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Autologous fat injection (facial fat grafting)

Frequently, fat injection is done for the deep wrinkles of the face, to increase check volume, and to smooth and create youthful facial features. To perform this type of injection, limited liposuction needs to be performed.
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