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Rhinoplasty or “nose job” improves both the appearance as well as the function of the nose. Both the cartilage as well as bony skeleton of the nose can be modified to create a more desired shape and size to the nose while improving breathing.
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Facial Implants

Face implants are formed solid implants commonly made of silicone or PTFE and are primarily used to enhance the appearance of the chin, cheek bones, and jaw line.
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Face lift

While one of the oldest plastic surgery procedures, the approach to facelift has changed tremendously in the last decade. With better understanding of facial aging and anatomy, facelift surgery creates a younger but natural looking face by elevating and suspending facial tissue while removing extra skin.
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Neck lift

With aging, almost everyone experiences loosening of the skin and muscles below the chin, as well as fat accumulation this area. These changes result in loss of the youthful sharp angle between the jaw/chin and the neck.
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Forehead Lift

Like many other parts of the face, with aging, forehead muscles and brow may experience droopiness. This can result in a constant “tired” or “frowning” look. In more severe cases, upper eyelids are also affected exaggerating the tired look of the face.
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Eyelid Surgery

As a natural effect of aging as well as hereditary and environmental factors, your eyelids can stretch, the tissues can lose their elasticity and excess fat may start to accumulate in the areas around them. These changes can make your face appear older or more tired, and even limit your peripheral vision. Blepharoplasty is a common cosmetic procedure that can repair droopy or sagging eyelids and eliminate unwanted puffiness under the eyes by removing problematic areas of fat, skin and muscle tissue to improve your facial contours and restore a more youthful appearance.
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