Considering a Breast Augmentation in Miami?

When you are considering breast augmentation to alter your shape and contour, it’s important to find a practice that offers experienced and compassionate care. 

As one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures today, breast augmentations are designed to give women fuller, well-proportioned and more pleasing body contours. For women who have small breasts, ones that are unevenly sized, or disfigured, implants can restore body aesthetics and boost self-image. 

A breast augmentation procedure can also be used to reconstruct breast appearance following a mastectomy or other traumatic injury. As a skilled and experienced provider of care, our plastic surgeon in Coral Gables will carefully assess every aspect of your case, and discuss your cosmetic goals. 

Types of breast implants 

What type of implant procedure is best suited to achieve the desired size, shape, profile, and feel of your new breasts will also be discussed. With your valued input, we’ll design a treatment plan that improves the look of your breasts and your body contours to meet your expectations of care. 

What to expect during the breast augmentation procedure

During the procedure, a breast implant is inserted under the crease in the breast, around the nipple or through the armpit. The implant can be placed under the breast tissue or beneath the chest wall muscle. In some instances, fat from other parts of your body is used instead of the implants. In some cases, a breast augmentation procedure is combined with other procedures such as a breast lift for more satisfying results.

At the office of Revive Plastic Surgery Institute, our plastic surgeon performs a comprehensive range of procedures with the skills and artistry required to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing and healthy results of care.

Breast Augmentation in Coral Gables - Further Information  

At the office of Revive Plastic Surgery Institute, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of skilled care. 

We offer the following Breast Procedures: 

and more surgical and non-surgical procedures!

For more information on our office and the many services we provide, please book an appointment or call us at (305) 600-5041. 

By Revive Plastic Surgery Institute

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